Collar/Sleeve Guard Reads

Collar Sleeve guard is a very formidible guard for both beginners and seasoned practioners.  Its a very active guard that is geared for submissions.  You will be able to easily hit armbars, triangles and omoplatas.  In this video, we discuss the opportunies to sweep your opponent based on his reactions.  

Tourada pass drill 

The Tourada pass drill is a drill that we do a few times a week.  It is highly effective and will improve your game significantly.

Comet MMA Posture System and RDLR Sweeps

When learning, BJJ it is critical to learn it through a system.  Many times people go to BJJ schools and they learn random techniques that are not taught in a system.  As a result, it takes an incredible amount of time to enjoy any level of success.  At Comet we take pride in teaching a systematic approach to techniques.  In this video, we explain our posture system and how we are taught to impose our game on an opponent regardless of what he is doing.